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ImmersedN3D LLC. is owned and operated by James Alday from Orlando FL.  James started his journey in 3D printing at the start of 2014 with the purchase of his first 3D printer.  He's had the opportunity to be a part of several large scale 3D printing projects and has worked with many local artists and active members of the Orlando 3D printing and modeling movement.   In December of 2014 ImmersedN3D had designs featured at the Autodesk Fusion360 area of AU2014 in Las Vegas.



- Experience building, upgrading, and modifying numerous reprap style i3 printers. With hands on experience with many other styles of FDM printers including Tinkerine Ditto+, Deltamaker, Rostock Max V2 and  Makerbot.

- 3D modeling experience with industry standard software specializing in Autodesk,  123dapps,  Fusion360, Meshmixer, Meshlabs, Blender, Slic3r, Cura, Repetier Host, Pr0nterface, and many others.

-Arduino experience including ramps 1.44\Rambo\Uno, Marlin\Repetier firmware updating and modifications, wiring, soldering, etc

-Raspberry Pi, Octopi, Octoprint, & MJPG- Streamer

- Installation and configuration of dual extruders including the E3D Cyclops.  Dual material 3D modeling.

- 3D printing and modeling teaching at Deltamaker Factory in Orlando FL.

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2D logo to 3D model  By TJ Mccue and ImmersedN3D


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